Injectable Steroids

Injectable Steroids

Injectable steroids are potential drugs that are used for reducing inflammation in the tissues of the body. It is the anabolic steroids that are available in an injectable form to increase strength and muscle size.

They are different from corticosteroids that are inserted into the affected joint to get temporary pain relief for conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Users generally start with oral steroids and then progress to injectable once. Some say oral steroids are safer but bodybuilders still prefer injectable steroids because they remain in the body for a long time. Hence, the results are lasting. However, if you are concerned about a drug test, it’s recommended to take oral steroids. The dosage for injectable steroids is usually lower than that of oral steroids because they start working right away.

How Are They Taken?

Anabolic injectable steroids are injected directly into the muscle. Most of the injections are quick and they start working right away. You can either have a sports doctor inject it into your muscle or do it yourself (this is only recommended if you are trained).

Here is the list of popular steroids:

  • Deca-Durabolin

  • Nandrolone

  • Testosterone Propionate

  • Testosterone Cypionate

  • Testosterone Phenylpropionate

Benefits of Injectable Steroids

Take a look at the potential benefits of consuming injectable steroids:

  • Increase in muscle mass

Steroids increase the testosterone level in the body and we all know testosterone plays a significant role in muscle growth. In some cases, muscles even continue developing without exercise. However, to reap the best results, it’s recommended to train, exercise and follow a diet regime.

  • Reduction in fat

Steroids are highly effective in reducing body fat since they can increase the metabolic rate. Some experts have the opinion that steroids also oxidize fats. This process refers to using fatty acids to produce more energy. When energy levels increase, the individual can train harder and hence see more results.

  • Increase in red blood cells

Steroids can accelerate the production of red blood cells. As we all know, red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the body, tissues, and organs. With the transmission of oxygen into the muscles, they function properly. In other words, you can train harder and for longer periods. The result – you can build more muscles by training hard.

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