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Aromasin or Exemestane has been designed for treating breast cancer in females after menopause. It is one powerful aromatase inhibitor which is why everyone in the bodybuilding uses it.


Aromasin is an active compound that can block the effects of estrogen in breast tissues for stopping the growth of cancer. This feature makes it useful for bodybuilders using anabolic steroids with aromatizing effects leading to estrogenic side effects like gyno, blood pressure, and water retention.

The side effects of steroids can be ugly and embarrassing. But Aromasin can save you from the trouble. You can make it a part of your steroid cycle and enjoy the benefits. It blocks the aromatase enzyme to reduce the estrogen level and estrogen-related side effects.

Studies are showing that Aromasin can reduce the estrogen level and increase the testosterone level in males. Therefore, you aren’t just going to see fewer side effects, your muscles will be ready to pump themselves up.

Aromasin tablets are available in shape. It is highly potent for not just new but experienced users. Don’t copy the dosage recommended by someone else. For the best outcome, analyze how much of this compound are you going to need and then strike a balance.


Don’t consider it a magic pill and hence increase the dosage to combat the after-effects of taking steroids. For most people, 12.5 mg every 3 days is perfect. Some of the side effects of taking this compound include muscle pain, bone, and joint pain. In case you experience anything adverse, stop taking the pill and see a doctor.